Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Carbon Spar Design Endorsement

Cheekee Monkee's owner is very happy with his new carbon fibre mast design, he says:

"The mast is spectacular and everything is working very well. The capshroud and headstay attachment system is terrific, the soft padeyes and external halyard sheaves have worked very well, and nothing shows any signs of unusual wear or chafe. The mast is very stiff."

A new carbon fibre mast design was built to replace the previous carbon fibre mast which suffered irreparable damage. The new section is lighter and stiffer than the previous mast.

The boat has had a very successful and eventful first season with the new mast. She suffered an unfortunate capsize in her first race in which the mast suffered no structural damage despite hitting the the sea bed. Following that the boat has scored in a string of races including First place in the Queens Cup, multhull line honours in the Chicago Mackinac Race and second in the Port Huron Mackinac.

The carbon mast was designed by Bloomfield Catamaran Designs and constructed by Wahoo Composites. The design incorporates a lot of proprietary technology developed by Bloomfield Catamaran Designs, which has been well proven on a number of yachts. Bloomfield Catamaran Plans offer engineering for a wide range of carbon fibre and other composite components.


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