Wednesday, August 23, 2006

50' Crowther Catamaran Design Shaping Up

Construction on the 50' Crowther catamaran design is proceeding well with the support of Bloomfield Innovation. Stuart Bloomfield recently inspected the construction at the boatyard where he was able to offer the owner piece of mind by confirming that the structure is being built in accordance with the plans.

During the site visit Stuart was also able to work though minor modifications to the structural layout with the builder and develop some alternative solutions to the original plans that are tailored to this particular builder's practices and will save thousands of dollars from the overall cost of construction.

The owner, Justin Grunwald, is extremely pleased with the outcome and said:

"Stu, thanks for all your invaluable support during the building process. Thanks to the inherant strength of the design I have one less thing to worry about when bashing to windward, a worry I would definitely have on less well engineered designs."

The construction is being done by a small but dedicated team on the central coast of New South Wales on the east coast of Australia and is proceeding according to schedule.


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