Power Catamaran Plans and Sailing Catamaran Yacht Designs


Power Cat computer model

We provide a wide range of services related to the design, engineering and construction of marine vessels.  We specialize in catamaran designs constructed using composite and/or aluminium construction; all designs can be developed to satisfy survey or classification society requirements:

Sailing Catamaran Designs

Sailing Catamaran

Sailing Yacht Designs

We have a range of stock designs some of which derive from Crowther Designs, we also provide a comprehensive custom design service. Click here to learn more...
Power Catamaran Yachts

Catamaran Power Yacht

Power Catamaran Yacht Designs

We have several stock designs and specialize in development of attractive catamaran designs with efficient use of space resulting in designs that out-perform monohull designs in all areas. Click here to learn more...
Commercial monohull and catamaran designs

Commercial Sailboat

Commercial Designs

We have extensive experience in monohull and catamaran workboats and ferries, including large commercial sailing designs and can develop a competitive design that will give you the edge over you competition.Click here to learn more...
Constulting Services

Consulting Services

We offer an extensive range of design and advisory services related to catamaran design and production.