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80' Power Catamaran Yacht

Our range of designs for power catamaran yachts is continuously expanding and incorporates all of the latest technological developments combined with attractive styling.  We cover both the traditional power yacht market, ranging from 10m designs up to 40‑50m boats, game fishing yachts and trawler catamaran (ocean passagemaker) designs. Our designs are available in aluminium, composite (fibreglass, carbon fibre,…) or a combination of aluminium and composite.

Power catamaran yachts have a reputation for ungainly appearance and poor use of available space.  Our designs have been refined over many years of development and customer feedback and are some of the most attractive power yachts on the water; they also make effective use of the space available on a catamaran to actually allow much roomier layouts, equivalent to much larger monohull designs.  Combined with the far greater efficiency of catamaran designs, this converts to lower construction and operating costs for the equivalent amount of room, or a faster boat with more space compared with equivalent monohulls.

We are closely associated with a number of catamaran boat builders world wide, particularly in the Americas and Australasia.  If required we can organise a complete design and build package or we can work together with a builder of your choice.

Please contact us to discuss your project or for more details or study plans for a design that suits your needs.

We also offer a range of services related to new or existing vessels:

  • Structural design to any survey or classification requirements
  • Structural design in composite (fibreglass, carbon fibre, etc.)
  • Structural design in aluminium (aluminum)
  • Production boat design
  • Helipad design
  • Davit design
  • Hydrofoil design
  • Resistance calculations
    • semi-displacement
    • planing
  • Propulsion specification and installation design
    • traditional propellers
    • variable pitch propellers
    • waterjets
    • surface piercing propellers
  • Machinery installation design