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Multihull Sailboats

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In addition to the extensive range of plans for Crowther multihull sailboats we sell, we are continuously developing upon the Crowther base of intellectual property which has been developed over decades of research and refinement, with a reputation legendary in the sailing fraternity.   Our range of trimaran and catamaran sailboats includes racing boats and cruising boats as well as designs suited to charter/commercial work.  We have plans for boats ranging from 24' to 100', including state of the art carbon fibre racing yachts and large commercial catamaran sailboats.

We also offer consulting services on component design and development of systems on trimaran and catamaran sailboats, including:

  • rig design
  • scantling specification
  • hull design
  • vessel modifications
  • foil design
  • deck layout

Design List:

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Please contact us to discuss your requirements or for a free set of study plans from our range of stock plans for trimaran and catamaran sailboats.