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Crowther No.462

14m (45') Cruising Catamaran

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This sturdy design is well suited to long term cruising with a generous payload capacity and excellent offshore handling characteristics. The first design incorporating a completely new hull form that forms the basis for the later Crowther designs and the modern Bloomfield Designs; it represents a large step forward in performance and handling, which has been well proven with the exceptional speed and handling exibited by Design C462 even when fully loaded for long term cruising. A raised cockpit allows excellent all round visibility and generous storage space below the deck. The owners of the first boat, experienced monohull sailors, are amazed at the exceptional performance of their boat compared with both large monohulls and other equivalent catamaran designs. This is the ideal boat for those who are looking for a comfortable platform in a manageable size with the sort of performance that will make you the envy of all your cruising companions.


Length Overall:13.85m (45'5")
Beam Overall:7.1m (23'3")
Length Waterline:13.6m (44'7")
Design Weight (light):9.0t (20300lbs)
Design Weight (loaded):14.0t (31400lbs)
Payload:5.0t (11000lbs)
Upwind Sail Area:133m (1430ft)
Downwind Sail Area:225m (2400ft)
Draft (boards up):1.0m (3'3")
Draft (boards down):2.3m (7'7")
Air Draft (top of mast):21.4m (70'2")

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